Working out is important. Recovery is even more vital. Without a proper system or recovery or therapy, our muscles are not allowed to repair themselves, meaning sessions at the gym lead to insufficient gains, or injuries persist longer than necessary. SPRI’s line of muscle therapy relief products is designed to get you and your clients back out there, repairing damaged muscles and aiding the healing process. Our physical therapy line will help you get into fighting shape in no time.

From stretch bands to R.O.M bars, muscle massage rollers to elastic straps, whatever your need, SPRI has muscle therapy relief products that will get you back in the game. We have an array of products that will help repair any injury you may have and keep you moving for years to come. For example, foam rollers, spiky balls, and other muscle massage rollers are wonderful as ironing out kinks that have buried themselves deep within your muscles while improving the flexibility and movement in your joints.

Therabands will help keep you flexible, improving your range of motion throughout your body. Use our stretch bands for an assortment of therapeutic movements, including stretches in hard to work muscle groups, full range of motion workouts, and more. Finally, our medicine balls have endless utility, its dense weight yet easy to carry shape helping bring back strength in damaged or hurting areas such as your back, shoulders, and arms.

Our physical therapy equipment isn’t just limited to the doctors office. Found in gyms across the country, our muscle therapy relief line can be utilized by anyone who wants to maintain or improve upon their current levels or strength, flexibility, or range of movement. Keep yourself toned, limber, and strong throughout the years by ensuring that your bones and muscles are nourished with a healthy and active lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for rehabilitative equipment for muscle therapy or want to provide yourself the tools needed to maintain your current levels of fitness, SPRI’s line of muscle therapy relief products can help. Keep your body healthy throughout the years and injury alike with SPRI.