Weighted Medicine Balls - Med Ball & Xerballs For Sale From SPRI

Looking for a versatile, compact, and affordable strength training addition to your home gym? SPRI medicine balls and medicine ball sets are an ideal choice. With medicine balls, you can build endurance, strength, and coordination just about anywhere – and with a huge variety of exercises. Buy medicine balls from SPRI and learn more about how to use them below. 

How Weighted Medicine Balls Can Be Used & The Benefits Of Weighted Medicine Balls

Medicine balls come in a lot of different weights and sizes, ranging from about 2 to 30 pounds. As a rule, lighter is better if you’re new to using these balls, and you can work up to a heavier ball over time.

Another thing to consider is the softness. Harder balls like our Xerball® bounce more readily, while softer balls don’t. This means if you plan on doing exercises that involve throwing the ball against a surface, a harder ball is a good idea. For partner drills, though, a softer ball reduces the risk of injuries and accidents, so we recommend our Soft Shell Med Ball for exercising with a partner.

Weighted medicine balls can be used for a lot of different exercises. They’re commonly incorporated into core workouts for exercises like Russian Twists, and may be thrown back and forth between two people to increase strength and endurance. You can also get a similar workout solo by bouncing a medicine ball off of a wall or the ground.

Medicine balls can even be used as a substitute for a dumbbell or kettlebell for some exercises like squats, weighted lunges, and shoulder presses. The opportunities are limitless with a high-quality medicine ball, so buy medicine balls from SPRI now to add more flexibility and versatility to your home gym! Our Xerball®, Dual Grip Xerball®, and 14" Soft Shell Med Ball are all excellent choices; add one to your cart today.