Foam rollers are fast becoming an effective exercise tool used for everything from balance, stability, and stretching to optimum muscle recovery and muscle tension release. And, SPRI has a variety of these exercise and muscle rollers that offer everything from gentle relief through basic stretching to more aggressive relief through pinpoint deep tissue massage.

SPRI offers the EVA Full Foam Roller. This durable heat-sealed EVA blue foam is non-porous, preventing moisture and bacteria from penetrating the surface, and is built to return to its original shape after extended use. It aids in improving balance, flexibility, and strength. This foam roller is available in a 36-inch length and includes a free downloadable exercise guide.

The High Density Foam Roller provides total body support for gentle stretching and alignment to challenging balance and core strength conditioning. This exercise and muscle roller is available in three different sizes: 36x6, 18x6, and 12x6 to assist you build up your strength, improve your balance, lengthen muscles, and release any built-up tension. These restorative tools are perfect for stubborn knots and muscle tightness.

Lastly, we have two new featured foam rollers: The Collapsible Foam Roller and The Vibrating Foam Roller. The Collapsible Foam Roller is convenient and lightweight due to it collapsible and hollow functions. Take your foam roller on the go and be able to experience relief anywhere you need. The Vibrating Foam Roller allows you to take your stretch even further. Turn on the massage function to add even more of a stretch and massage to help ease aches and pains, stress, and built up tension.

SPRI has bulk foam rollers for everyone. From the novice to the pro, these tools are essential to muscle recovery which, in turn, leads to more effective workouts, resulting in increased muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance. Browse our Pilates foam cylinders and other exercise and muscle rollers today!