Resistance Tubes & Exercises with Resistance Tubing

SPRI is a pioneer in the rubber resistance industry, having introduced a variety of resistance bands and other products in the early 1980s that were mainly used for rehabilitation and physical therapy after injuries or surgery. SPRI then helped lead the way towards innovation and improvements. SPRI’s extensive line of exercise bands and resistance tubes includes Xertubes, Braided Xertubes, Xerings, Xercuffs, Xercise Bands, and Lex Loops. Most rubber resistance products offer increased resistance levels that follow a handy color-coded system, so when your body is ready to move up to the next level of resistance, you know which tool to reach for. Exercise tubing is also portable and lightweight, so it can be utilized just about anywhere you go, anytime you’re up for a training session.

While researching ways to improve rubber resistance tubing and exercise bands, SPRI discovered that four is better than one—four tubes, that is. SPRI’s unique braided tubing (available on the Braided Xertube, Braided Xertube Plus, and Braided Xertube Trainer) harnesses the strength of a dependable, time-tested, rope-like construction that weaves four high-quality dipped tubes together into a taut, braided configuration.

These larger, stronger braided resistance tubing products share the load across all four tubes rather than a single tube. They’re attached with a patented four-hole connector so that each tube is secured independently of the others; this guards against breakage and snap-backs. The result is a more resilient, longer-lasting rubber resistance training tool that’s effective for even the most demanding, high-tension, increased-velocity movement patterns, such as with advanced sports conditioning. SPRI’s original Xertubes are ideal for group exercises and personal training. For additional comfort and an easier grip, the Xertube is available with foam-padded handles. There’s also an Xertube with a protective sleeve, which is the product you would choose if you wish to use your tube on rough surfaces, and a Step Tube, which is an extra-long covered tube that can safely be used with step platforms. There’s also a door attachment available that lets you anchor your tube to any door, turning it into your own personal home gym.

The Xering, Xercuff, and Lex Loop are closed-loop workout bands for conditioning the lower legs, and as with the other exercise tubing products, they are all available in a variety of resistances for increased challenge. Every SPRI rubber resistance product from exercise bands to workout bands and resistance bands include a guide with safety instructions and exercises with resistance tubes.