Balance Boards

In the fitness realm, stability training (also called balance training) is a crucial component of all other progressive forms of physical conditioning. With static balance and dynamic stabilization, exercisers of all levels can get the most out of all types and levels of training, safely and efficiently. Balance and stability workouts help prime the nervous system, re-educate the muscles, condition the joints, strengthen core muscles, and enhance the user’s overall awareness of body alignment and posture. They can also be used to add balance challenges to more traditional exercises like squats, lunges, crunches, and pushups, and they serve as good active-rest training station activities.

Prior to engaging in strength-training workouts, stability, mobility, and quality of movement must be firmly established within the body. A good rule of thumb is to perform balance and stabilization training routines for at least 5-10 minutes prior to all workouts. This helps put the body and mind in the appropriate state of readiness; it’s a nice, easy, non-intimidating point of entry. 

SPRI offers a variety of balance boards that can easily be utilized at the gym or at home before engaging in strength-training exercises, and the suggested routines can easily be modified to meet the needs of all exercisers, from beginners to advanced.

Balance boards are also called wobble balance boards and rocker boards. They’re commonly made of wood, with a non-skid surface and a fulcrum on the bottom that supports the board but also provides the desired instability necessary for balance training. These products also help strengthen the lower body. The user stands on the top and performs side-to-side or circular challenges while balancing. The Square Rocker Board has a slightly beveled base that helps improve single-plane movement. The Multi-Wobble Balance Board adjusts to three levels of difficulty—13, 15 or 17 degrees of tilt. The Sport Balance Board offers a wider stance (almost 30 inches) to target the groin, quads and hamstrings.