Bodyweight Training Equipment

Often the process of getting fit is made more complicated by confusing machines and equipment that’s difficult to use when the truth is, bodyweight training is often just as effective as more complex exercise methods, and it comes with a host of unique benefits.

Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises

There’s a reason that many incredibly fit people swear by bodyweight exercises; the benefits are impossible to ignore:

  • Heightened Efficiency:when you aren’t worried about returning equipment or switching between machines, it’s much easier to switch between exercises. This translates to shorter rest times between sets, a more consistently elevated heart rate throughout the workout, and more calories burned overall. Obviously, that means that bodyweight exercises lend themselves well to high-intensity interval training, which is perfect for fat burning.
  • Perfect for All Fitness Levels:those who are just embarking on their fitness journeys and seasoned veterans alike can get an incredible workout through bodyweight training because it’s incredibly customizable.
  • Includes Both Strength and Cardio Workouts:though it’s certainly easy to get your heart rate elevated performing exercises like jumping jacks and burpees, it’s also possible to build strength through those same workouts.
  • Convenience:performing bodyweight exercises allows a high degree of freedom and flexibility in terms of which moves are performed, where they are performed, and how long the workouts last.

It’s obvious that bodyweight exercises should play an important role in any fitness routine; though this type of workout requires less equipment, there are still certain staples you’ll need to perform some moves effectively.

Choosing the Right Bodyweight Training Equipment

Just as bodyweight training is so customizable, the equipment that you choose is highly variable depending on which exercises you wish to perform as well. SPRI offers a range of equipment options:

  • SPRI Pull Up Bars:Pull-ups are one of the most well-known bodyweight exercises, and our sturdy, heavy-gauge steel bars allow you to complete these moves safely and comfortably.
  • Sliders and Parallettes: These items give you the opportunity to further strengthen your legs and core while performing other bodyweight exercises.
  • The Ulimate Body Sculpt Kit:This kit is designed to isolate your glutes and engage your core while working your lower body muscles through bodyweight exercises.
  • Ab Wheel and Mat: A convenient, portable package that allows you to work out anywhere, our ab wheel, and mat provide convenient core strengthening capabilities.

SPRI offers a wide selection of bodyweight training equipment designed to heighten your fitness experience and take your workouts to entirely new levels; browse our products today!