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SLAM BALLS are a type of medicine ball, or weighted ball, that are part of the weighted-resistance category. Weighted-resistance workouts help the user increase explosive power, enhance muscle strength, and improve endurance, grip, and mobility. Most products in this fitness category typically get beat up a lot during use, so they’re built to withstand the toughest training conditions, with special attention paid to the protective coverings and stitching. Although some medicine balls are soft and pliable and meant for only catching and throwing drills, slam balls have a much harder shell, typically made of tough rubber, so that they can handle high-velocity impact against surfaces like hardwood or rubber floors, artificial turf or grass, or even concrete, inside the gym or out on the track. Slam balls are often an important part of CrossFit training. The SPRI Crossfit Slam Ball was built specifically for intense medicine ball slamming activities. It’s a durable, evenly weighted medicine ball with basketball-style grooves and a tacky surface texture so you can achieve a firm grip, even when the ball is wet or your hands are sweaty. It also floats, making it ideal for training sessions in the swimming pool. The SPRI Slam Ball comes in 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-pound weights. SPRI’s Rope Xerball®, which is available in weights ranging from 6.6 pounds to 15.4 pounds, includes a sturdy rope handle, making it the ideal tool for dynamic and propulsive rotational swinging, chopping, and throwing drills. Q: How do I know which weight I should start with when working out with a slam ball?A: SPRI’s slam balls range from 2 pounds to 15 pounds. When choosing a slam-ball weight, you should try to find a slam ball that weighs enough to provide a workout challenge but that isn’t so heavy that you will only be able to make it through a few repetitions of the chosen exercise. If you’re a beginner, choose a lighter-weight slam ball and gradually work your way up to a heavier-weight slam ball. If possible, try different slam-ball weights at your fitness center to see which weight might work best for you. If you can’t decide between two weights, always choose the lighter one. Even with a lightweight ball, you’re still improving coordination, conditioning, and overall strength. Q: It seems like the slam-ball users I’ve seen at my workout facility are all hardcore athletes. Can a beginner like me also benefit from training with a slam ball?A: Absolutely; slam-ball exercises are beneficial for all user levels! You can use a slam ball to help increase overhead shoulder mobility, like after an injury or surgery. And all of us can benefit from slam-ball exercises that help increase mobility, strength, and core flexibility. Q: How do I use my slam ball?A: One of the most common slam-ball exercises is a simple ball slam. Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart, and lift your slam ball over your head as you raise up onto the balls of your feet. Slam the ball towards the floor (or ground) in front of your body, far enough away so the ball doesn’t hit you anywhere on your body. As you slam the ball down, bend your knees and crunch up your abs. Make sure to breathe in as you lift the ball and breathe out as you slam it down. Retrieve the ball using a squatting motion, if possible, as this adds an extra level of challenge. This slam-ball exercise will work your shoulders, calves, back, abs, quads, and glutes. Additional repetitions will help get your heart rate up and burn additional calories. For more slam-ball workouts, including toss-and-catch sit-ups, consult an instructor or personal trainer at your workout facility.