Rubber Resistance Kits - SPRI 

Why should you add resistance training to your workout routine? Simply put, rubber resistance kits are an effective way to ramp up your fitness game. Resistance training activates, strengthens and tones your muscle groups. Forget going to the gym or hauling around heavy weights. Stick with your fitness routine no matter where you are with these portable devices. Choose from a variety of different levels of resistance kits offered by SPRI to meet your fitness goals. 

Know Your Bands

Resistance kits come in many varieties to meet your fitness level and goals. Here are our most common seven kits.

  1. Flat band kits are made to tone your entire body. Use the flat bands of varying resistances to target your arms, chest, shoulders and back, or increase strength through your hips and knees. 
  2. Our ultra toner & medium resistance kits come with two useful pieces of equipment, the ultra toner and the lightweight Xering. Use the toner to tone up your arms, and target your legs and glutes with the Xering. 
  3. The total body resistance tube & band kit lives up to its name. The interchangeable tubing system allows you to perform any functional-resistance pulley exercises. The kit includes three mini bands, perfect for lower-body workouts. This is a complete head-to-toe strength training system, with five levels of resistance, making it ideal for every workout, from high intensity to therapeutic exercises. 
  4. The door attachment kit is the ultimate on-the-go gym. Expand the exercise options of your other resistance training tools, including Xertubes, to create an effective chest, back and shoulder workout. 
  5. Flat band loop kit comes with three color-coded resistance bands, ideal for upper and lower leg workouts, as well as resistance hip and knee movements. 
  6. The bar kit provides a full-body workout that combines strength and resistance training. This portable kit helps you perform a wide range of exercises, including curls, shoulder presses and squats. 
  7. Mini band kits are ideal for resistance training for floor-based lower-body conditioning workouts. The three levels of resistance provide flexibility for every level of fitness.

Reap the Benefits

Resistance kits provide a safe and effective method for toning and strengthening all muscle groups. In addition, they are great for stretching, often providing much needed pain relief. They are lightweight and portable, allowing you to take them anywhere. Never miss another workout! Lastly, resistance kits are affordable, with many kits costing less than $10. Get started on your fitness journey, and browse our selection of rubber resistance kits today!