Our program is coming to an end

SPRI Insider Rewards will be disabled November 1st and points can no longer be earned past Tuesday, October 15th. The referral program will also be disabled as of November 1st.

Redeemed gift cards have no expiration and can still be used at any time on Any promotional codes received to redeem your product reward will be live through 4/30/20.

frequently asked questions


How do I earn points?
You can earn a number of different ways. You will earn when you sign-up for an Insider account, for each purchase you make, by sharing on Facebook or follow us on Instagram, and you'll earn extra points when you celebrate your birthday!

Points can no longer be earned after Tuesday, October 15, 2019.

How do I join? Does it cost anything?
There is no cost to join! Create an account (or sign in if you already have one). Be sure to sign in whenever you make a purchase in order to receive your points! We can't offer point for purchases made if you check out as a guest or on previous purchases.

This program is coming to an end and will be disabled on November 1, 2019.

How do I redeem my points?
To redeem points, sign in and go to the My Account page. Once there, click on Insider Rewards in the left navigation bar. Redeem points by clicking on the "See your status & redeem your points" button.

Points must be redeemed before April 30, 2020.

Do my points expire?
Yes, points expire. If you have been inactive/not purchased for 12 months (i.e. no earning or spending points), then your points balancce will be set back to zero and your tier level downgraded. Make sure you spend and earn points within 12 months to retain your balance and tier status!

All product points will expire on April 30, 2020. Gift cards never expire and can be used at any time on

Where can I find how many points I have?
You can find your point balance on your account page. View your available points balance by clicking on the "See your status & redeem your points" button.

Can I earn points on past purchases?
No, points cannot be added to your account retroactively. You can earn points on all future purchases when logged into your account and shopping.

What happens if I fort to log in to my account when checking out?
You must be logging into your account to earn points when shopping.

How do I redeem rewards as a Wholesale member?
When checking out as a Wholesale member there are two ways to use your points:
1. if redeeming your points for a free product reward, you will need to checkout as a guest, not logged into your Wholesale account or
2. if redeeming your points on a gift card, you will checkout as you normally do, logged into your Wholesale account.


At SPRI, we offer all our exercise bands, stability balls, dumbbells, foam rollers, jump ropes, balance boards, resistance bands, and equipment storage options with you in mind. We offer quality items that appeal to you and our products will not only meet your needs, they’ll deliver the functionality, design, and results you want.

We want to make your SPRI shopping experience even more rewarding! We believe that a happy repeat customer will love our company’s products because they work well, give you the results you’re looking for, and are offered at a reasonable price. Because of our love and appreciation of our customers, we also offer you the opportunity to become a SPRI Insider and earn loyalty rewards for every dollar you spend with us!


SPRI Insider Rewards is your free, all-access pass to getting the most out of your SPRI shopping experience. Every dollar spent earns you points that get you closer to exclusive perks. Reach the next level and start to earn points even faster! To get started, simply create an account, sign in, and start shopping!


By joining our Insider program, you’ll work towards earning exclusive discounts and product rewards every time you shop as you progress up the levels from Bronze, to Silver, to Gold. Every order increases your SPRI Insider Rewards status and gets you one step closer to earning Gold status!


To better show our appreciation, we wanted to give you even more ways to earn rewards:

  • When you sign up
  • With every purchase
  • When you share or follow SPRI on social media
  • When you celebrate your birthday


Now that you have some hard-earned points, redeem them for SPRI gear or gift cards!


Sharing is caring. It’s normal to want to share great news with your friends and finding a new favorite place to buy your fitness essentials is no different. As a great friend, you want your buddies to share the same magnificent experience you are. When you invite your friends, trainers, or fellow fitness enthusiasts, we'll give them 15% off their first order. For each person you invite who makes a purchase, you'll get a $10 gift card towards your next purchase from us.

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