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Bring your agility training to the next level by making any space your gym. SPRI is your home for the best plyoboxes online. Our industry-leading fitness products, such as our soft plyobox line, can be found in gyms throughout the nation and around the globe, and for good reason. Our plyoboxes can help make you stronger, more balanced, and more explosive than ever before, all while cranking your calorie burn to its maximum.

The secret is in the application of plyometrics, exercise techniques that combine quick bursts of strength and speed that help build power in those quick moments where you need it most, such as jumping farther or coming off the starting line in a flash. By preparing your body for these rapid contractions, your body will be more prepared to make these explosive movements faster than ever before. Every sport has unique power demands, whether you need to maintain a maximum speed for as long as possible or be prepared for collisions with your opponent. Plyoboxes are one of the best ways to build both your speed and power alike, and no plyoboxes on the market last longer or are as safe as SPRI.

While our plyoboxes may not appear to be revolutionary fitness machines, the applications are virtually endless. Utilize our plyobox as an anchor to intensify your upper body workout, placing your feet on top and your hands on the ground for push-ups that will burn like never before. Use your plyobox as a hurdle and quickly jump over it in rapid succession, preparing your heart for those intense cardio workouts. Place one foot on top of the box with your other foot on the ground for split squats that will work your core and legs alike. Or stick to the classics, jumping on and off of the boxes with steady, flat feet to prepare for those moments where you need quick blazes of power. Thanks to our unique foam plyo box designs, missing a rep won’t cause an injury. Simply dust yourself off and get back to it.

A staple in any modern gym, bootcamp, or dedicated fitness enthusiast, SPRI’s plyobox line the best way to build your speed and power alike to prepare for whatever life throws at you.