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Weighted Exercise Balls - Weighted Stability & Exercise Balls For Sale

If you’re looking to build up your core strength, improve mobility, enhance flexibility, and become better at balancing your body under load, exercise balls, also sometimes called “yoga balls”, are an excellent choice. SPRI stability balls are built from the highest-quality materials, and are highly versatile. Learn more below.

Improve Your Workouts & Meet Your Goals With SPRI Weighted Exercise Balls

Stability and exercise balls have been in use for more than 50 years, and are popular with gym owners and in home gyms alike. They’re very versatile, and can be used for a large variety of exercises depending on your goals.

Core workouts are common with stability balls. Doing crunches or similar abdominal exercises on a stability ball recruits more of your muscle fibers for balance, resulting in a more effective workout. They are also sometimes used as a “bench” for dumbbell exercises like the bench press. Again, the ball flexes and moves with your body, requiring your muscles to work harder as you stabilize it and complete the exercises.

SPRI exercise balls can even help you stay in shape when you’re not working out, and are often used as a substitute for a standard office chair in home offices. This helps build your core and promotes proper posture throughout the day.

At SPRI, we’re also one of the first companies to invest in developing “slow-deflate” balls. If an exercise ball is popped, punctured, or torn, it will hold its original shape and won’t burst – maximizing safety when you’re lying, sitting, kneeling, or lifting weights on the ball. And with capacities between 300 and 500 pounds depending on the ball, you’ll have plenty of flexibility with SPRI stability & exercise balls.

So don’t wait. Shop online now. SPRI exercise balls are built to last, are free of phthalates and other harmful materials, and have a safe, slip-resistant texture that makes them perfect for any gym – so choose the one that’s right for you today.