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Exercise & Aerobic Steps

Small steps can lead to a big change. That’s why SPRI provides the best in aerobic step equipment with our exercise stepper line. Not only is it some of the most compact, easy to move, and easy to store exercise equipment available, the impact it can have on your fitness is anything but small. Improve your cardiovascular strength, step up your bodyweight resistance training routine, build up a sweat, and lose weight with our exercise stepper box.

While unassuming at first, our exercise steps are as versatile as they are compact. By simply providing an anchor to the ground with a slight elevation gain, aerobic step exercises can work out your entire body if used correctly. For cardio, there is an endless assortment of workouts available. Simply set up or jump on top of the stepper to get your heart rate going. Try to maintain a high heart rate, between 60% to 80% of your maximum, for a burn that you’ll see in the mirror. Too easy? Increase your speed or use our STEP Risers to make each movement a little bit tougher to hit.

If you want to build lean muscle, our exercise steps can help give you a full body workout. Hand your heels off the end of the box with your toes on top, then stand on your toes for an exercise that will tone your calves. Place your hands on top of the stepper for inclined pushups, or place your feet on the stepper for pushups that will really make you work your chest. Want a challenge? Place one hand on the box and one on the ground for pushups that force you to find a balance, or utilize two sets of steps to the side of each other and jump from one to the ground to the next to work your legs and heart alike. The harder you work, the more you sweat and the more calories you burn, helping those new muscles come to the surface.

By differentiating your elevation and simply giving you uneven ground to work on, SPRI’s line of exercise steppers can help you improve your fitness game, all while being versatile and easy to move. Step up your workouts with SPRI.